Hi, I’m Mike, owner and founder of Paw Prints Seattle!


Originally from Syracuse, NY, I moved to Seattle in June of 2011 after gradating from SUNY Potsdam in NY. There I received my BA degrees in both Mathematics and Business Economics, and after a couple years or various jobs decided to put my education to use and start a business. As a life time dog owner, my passion pulled me to taking care of dogs!

My pet ownership turned professional soon after moving to Seattle. After spending a year and a half working in a well known daycare and boarding facility in West Seattle, I decided to take the skills and experience I had learned to help families to care for their pets. I had the privilege of working with two experienced professional dog trainers who gave me the basic behavior modification skills to help dogs thrive in a normally chaotic daycare setting.

But my biggest take away from my time at the daycare was the time spent talking with clients, and learning how they wished for their loved ones to be cared for when they were away. I have spent many hours reassuring many dog parents that their dogs were in good care, and learning how to empathize with their concerns and worries. As a new dog owner myself, I have gained a new appreciation for the worry that comes from raising a young dog.

Paw Prints Seattle was born from those conversations, and is my effort to help give concerned pet owners the comfort of knowing their pets are being well taken care of. As a pet owner myself, it is important to me that I can bring the same care and attention to my client’s pets as I give to my own.

Though dogs take up most of my days, I am also owner of Convergence Tutoring here in Seattle, and spend most of my time and effort to building both of my young businesses. I can also be seen around Seattle playing on various Ultimate Frisbee teams. Follow my journey through puppy-parenthood on the Paw Prints blog page!


Say hello to Pickle! She was born in June of 2014 and flown up to Seattle from Georgia, where she was found with her 4 siblings. She got a second chance at life with the help of Georgia Peaches Puppy Rescue and hasn’t looked back since!

Despite her rough beginnings, Pickle has become a little angel and a real socialite! You’ll see this sweet little girl on all of our daily walks getting her daily exercise, as long as her walking mates play nice! Pickle is a socialization pro, bringing the best in all of her playmates, and boy does she love to play! She’s a social butterfly who can’t wait to say hi to everyone (and everything) that passes by on the sidewalks during our walks, and can frequently be seen down at Chuck’s Hop Shop in the CD. The only thing bigger than her ego is her appetite!

Always remember to say hi, and check out her daily adventures on Instagram!

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