Puppy Socialization

“100 New Experiences in 100 Days!”

The simple phrase perfectly exemplifies the idea behind puppy socialization. If you want your puppy to grow into a mature and well adjusted dog, you need to positively introduce them to all the sights, sounds, textures, smells and environments you expect them to face in their life. Failure to properly socialize a pup early on could result in a fearful, afraid, aggressive dog who’s behavior and fear cannot be easily reversed.

Paw Prints now offers unique socialization time for your pups ages 8-20 weeks. With our help they can safely and effectively get familiarized with the world around them. We can take your puppies on walks through the neighborhood, carry them through a hardware store, ride with them on the bus, or even sit on a park bench and meet all the strangers that are sure to be enamored by your puppy!

Birth – 8 Weeks

·      Be Used to Handling by Many Different People

·      Used to Loud Noises in the House
·      Adjust to surfaces and textures at home
·      Socialization with Litter Mates
·      Hand Feeding to dissuade resource guarding
·      Crate Training

8 – 12 Weeks

·      Meet 100 New People within 3-months
·      Invite Many people into your home and Get Puppy used to New noises
·      Used to Surfaces an Textures outside of home (in safe situations)
·      Supervised Puppy Play
·      Get Puppy used to being alone
·      Introduce Simple Mental games

12 – 16 Weeks

·      Bite Inhibition Work!
·      Continue meeting new people, animals and environments
·      Used to new surfaces and textures
·      Amp-up Mental games
·      Obedience and Training Classes
16 – 20 Weeks ·      Continued Obedience and Training classes
·      Introduce to new dogs and surfaces (Vaccines should be current by now)

20 Weeks and Beyond

·      Loss of puppy teeth around 20 weeks, bite inhibition needs to be learned!
·      Continued Socialization in pack settings

Following these basic guidelines, we will customize a socialization schedule that will fit the needs of you and your dog. Utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, we can also reinforce any obedience training that your puppy has been doing. Practicing in the real world can be stressful for your pup, but we will take the strides to make sure your dog is calm and confident. We can work with you to decide if a couple hours, or possibly a package would be most beneficial for your puppy.

$45 per hour

10 hours: $405 (10% savings!)
20 hours: $720 (20% savings!)

We will send you pictures and daily email updates on the progress of your puppy by following a socialization checklist to ensure your puppy becomes a well mannered dog.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you effectively socialize the pup in your home!

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