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1000 Acres Dog Park – Dog Friendly Portland

I have to admit, Portland is pretty cool. Powell’s Books, quirky neighborhoods, Voodoo Doughnuts, hipsters on tall bicycles, Portland has it all and a lot more! But I am a Portland novice, or at least I was until this past weekend, and it turns out that there are plenty of things for you dog to do in (and around) Portland as well.

Friday afternoon, Pickle and I had some time to kill so we ventured out a bit to 1000 Acres Dog Park in Troutdale, just a 15 minutes drive outside of Portland. In a word, this park is stunning! There is a huge space of off leash area that dogs can have free reign of! Pickle and I got out of the car and into the warm sun, and after a small walk beyond the trail head, Pickle found herself in hundreds of acres of open grass to run in. I was simply overtaken by the amount of space she had to run, and with it being a Friday afternoon, we only saw a handful of dogs on the trail so there was plenty of room to rome!

The view of Mt. Hood was pretty sweet, too!   Photo credit: Bring Fido

After some walking I was worried we would get lost, but Pickle was bound and determined to keep going, and eventually she found herself along a beach where the dogs have access to the Columbia River. She went crazy! We still don’t know what breed Pickle is, but if tests come back with some kind of fish species, I wouldn’t be surprised!

She splashed and swam and barked and got dirtier then I think I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t drag her but out of the water, not with treats or her favorite squeaky ball. Luckily she partied it up with a pack of dogs that were heading out, so I got to meet a few very nice women (shout out to them for helping me out of the park!) and Pickle made a few new play friends.

As the sun was setting more people began to show up to get a reprieve from the hot sun. The trails lead to the Sandy River Delta, where the Columba and the Sandy River meet in a rainbow of blues, greens and browns.

In all Pickle probably got 3 hours of running, chasing and swimming. I’ve never seen her so tired, and here it is Monday, three days later, and she still doesn’t want to be bothered.

Downtown Portland was a bit more forgiving to her. Pickle and I wandered around a really nice Farmer’s Market, I enjoyed some crazy-delicious fresh made noodles from a food truck (Pickle was sure not to let any I dropped on the ground got to waste), we found a couple nice cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating for dogs and their owners, and even snuck in some shopping at Powell’s Books, all while staying in a nice dog friendly hotel!

(By the way, huge thank you to the staff and patrons of Powell’s. It did not occur to me when I brought in Pickle that you were a service animla only establishment, and yet the entire staff was very warm and friendly with myself and Pickle. I’m just happy she was so tired from the dog park and didn’t cause a ruckus 🙂 )

Food trucks on food trucks on food trucks!     Photo credit: Reflections on Portland

Now, I’ve visited my fair share of dog friendly establishments in Seattle, from parks to bars, but I’ll admit to being a little jealous of the scene in Portland. After visiting 1000 Acres Park, Seattle should really step up their game (yes, that’s hard to do at this point). Luckily, now I know that taking Pickle on a road trip won’t be a hassle.

Thanks Portland, you’re doing it right!

(Wait, I never got a doughnut from Voodoo. Sounds like we’re going back!)


Dog Friendly Seattle: Chuck’s Hop Shop Central District

Pickle has broadened my horizons when it comes to visiting places in Seattle. From time to time I’d like to highlight some of my favorite dog friendly places. I’m not being compensated for this post, just sharing my opinions on what I consider some pretty cool places in the city.

This week’s edition of “Dog Friendly Seattle” brings us to Chuck’s Hop Shop. Chuck’s has two locations, one in Seattle’s Central District and one in Ballard. Since the Central District location is two blocks from our house (so convenient, right!?) I can really only speak for this location, but rest assured that both are great!


Who: Chuck’s Hop Shop: Central District

What: A combination craft beer shop and bar. Chuck’s has hundreds of selections of beer, cider and wine in their many coolers, as well as 50 rotating ciders and beers on tap. A great place to come hang out with your friends, watch a sporting event on their many TVs (they had an old Muhammad Ali fight on last week!) and play a board game. Chuck’s is rather spacious, offering both indoor and outdoor seating, and is both dog and kid friendly. Come down to buy a six pack to go, a pint to stay, or fill up that growler for home.


Where: 2001 E Union St, Seattle

When: Mon-Thu: 11 AM to 12 AM, Fri-Sat: 11 AM to 1 AM, Sun: 11 AM to 12 AM

Why: If the hundreds of beer selections weren’t reason enough, how about the rotating food trucks they have in their parking lots each night? Or, how about the fact they are dog friendly (great!) and family friendly? How about the fact they have a freezer with Full Tilt ice cream (so many vegan options)? How about the spacious indoor/outdoor seating? Great location? Cool staff? Okay, if you don’t get it by now, I can’t help you!

How: With friends, with your dog, your family, or even just to peak your head in to get out of the cold, Chuck’s has lots to offer to every beer enthusiast. You can order one of there 50 drinks they have on tap, or buy a bottle from the refrigerators to go or drink on site (for a small cork fee). The bar tenders are always super friendly and helpful in helping me pick through all the choices and making a decision. Don’t forget to fill your growlers!

Chuck’s is just one of the many dog friendly places to visit in Seattle. What are your favorites? Share them in the comments section, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.